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A refreshing, no-nonsense approach.

Adtrain was created to provide innovative marketing strategies to progressive businesses across all PPC marketing channels.  

We’re a team of seasoned PPC professionals with a history of over delivering on service and performance to zealous businesses that want to grow quickly. 

With your strategy in our hands, you can be 100% confident you’re extracting the most value from your paid marketing channels, allowing you to focus on growing your business. 

Our service is extraordinarily precise, unequivocally transparent and delivered with absolute proficiency.   

Your enquiry is unlike any enquiry we have ever had before, because we know that no two businesses are the same. 

That’s why, whatever your reason for reaching out, we promise a 100% transparent review of your performance and the guarantee of a seamless execution of service should you want us to take your PPC campaigns onboard and scale them.  

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PPC Management

If you’re running PPC campaigns at present we’ll audit your current campaigns for FREE.

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Why use our PPC Management Agency?

Free Campaign Audit

We’ll deep-dive into your current PPC performance so that we can clearly display where your current shortcomings are. After the review, we’ll discuss your strategy with you in full, ready for implementation & growth.

Bespoke Strategy

All of our Pay Per Click Management strategies are bespoke and have a rigorous on-boarding process that allows us to extract all relevant information about our project. Allowing us to become an extension of your business. 

Industry Leading

Our communication levels will not be beaten. We don’t limit calls or emails and operate on a proactive basis. Speak to the team for further details on how we go the extra mile to communicate with our clients. 

Conversion Tracking

We track every single action that delivers value to your site, so you can see, in real time, what your campaigns are achieving and keep your finger on the pulse of the project. 

Proactive Ads Management

We are always on the front foot with your campaigns optimisation and strategy. We’ll continually look for new avenues for growth and optimise accordingly. We do not settle for stagnation.

Dedicated Account Managers

Our account managers are assigned based on specialisation and the requirements of your business. The account manager you’re assigned will then oversee your project from the outset and throughout.

Daily Reporting

We provide you with a reporting dashboard that updates daily, allowing you to see the performance of your campaigns every single day and understand the growth of your campaign in real-time. 

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Delivering Growth & Achieving Results

PPC Management is more than just outsourcing the management of optimisation and leaving the wheel to spin. At Adtrain, we offer an unrivalled service that allows us to deliver highly profitable, scalable search engine marketing. 

In short, we get your adverts in front of your target audience at the absolute optimal time for them to enquire or purchase which we then scale over time.  On average our clients see an increase in performance of 145% in the first 3 months which we then continue to build on, so our businesses can grow together.

When you engage us for PPC management you’re not just outsourcing digital marketing to us, you’re bringing on-board a business partner that operates as a vital arm of your company. We become an extension of your business.

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Speak to the team today to discuss how we can help you scale your business via PPC management. 

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Our PPC service is strictly designed to generate your business new customers and achieve your goals

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Request A Free Audit

We’ll happily perform a free audit of your current campaigns performance, free of charge. A  qualified team member will then review your campaign performance and give you detailed feedback that is specific to your business and demonstrate clearly where your campaigns are coming up short.

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